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My passion is telling stories.

A Life or Death Decision...


When it's your turn, will you make the right one? 

I believe that this photograph and the resulting story teach us powerful lesson.  The unquenchable thirst created by this blistering summer day brought a Raccoon to the edge of this pond in South Carolina. Thanks to a particular instinct ingrained in him, he hesitates and leaves. That action saved his least for the moment.


When it's your decision, will you notice the alligator patiently waiting in the bottom right of the photograph? My experience will help keep you out of the alligator's mouth. 

My key strengths are to:





Simplify complicated information to clearly explain the most important and valued features and benefits of a product, service, organization and/or community;

Engage people and organizations in long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships built through trust, innovation, and added value that can flourish in today’s rapidly-changing environment; and,

Motivate people to take actions based on an unmatched understanding of and ability to meet their unique needs.

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