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Bringing your story alive through video.

Video can be powerfull. Video can be fun. They are amazing at telling stories. With today's technology and lifestyles,
it is a great tool to engage people in your work and motivate people to purchase your products and services.
Re-entry Program: Success From the Inside Out


A program that helps women transition from prison back to the community (for national meeting and Maine marketing and fundraising).


Herbie Tells his Story


Herbie was helped as a young boy and now, more than 50 years later, he is a resident in one of our affordable senior housing communities (for national meeting and local marketing and fundraising)

Camp POSTCARD Summer 2013


Law enforcement and Criminal Justice professionals serve as camp staff (marketing and fundraising tool for camp).


The Greatest Story Ever Told


VIdeo trailer for Volunteers of America Northern New England's new Ministry Video (for marketing and fundraising).

Kyell's Adventure


A simple yet fun and effective way to share a family gathering.

Lily vs. Nemo the Superstorm


A fun way to share my puppy's first major snowstorm.


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