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I have always enjoyed watching the Blue Angels when they visit Brunswick.

  • They have unmatched experience.

  • They thrive on working as a team.

  • They are not afraid to try new ideas and fact, they show what is possible.

  • They are engaging and inspiring.

  • They help you see things in a new light.

  • They create noise that attracts a lot of attention.



My passions are to simplify information to clearly explain the most important features and benefits; to engage people in long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships built through trust and value; and to motivate people to take actions based on an unmatched understanding of and ability to meet their unique needs.​ View my resume here.

At the top of the home page of this website and the top of my resume, I have summarized what I believe are my top three skills which are to Simplify, Engage and Motivate. To quote Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough!” 

I am currently engaged in freelance marketing communications, public relations and photography with my office in Brunswick, Maine. My previous employers have included:

  -- L.L.Bean

  -- Volunteers of America Northern New England (11 years)
  -- IDEXX Laboratories (5 years)
  -- Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine (now Anthem -- 6 years)
  -- Equity Properties and Development Company (Mall Management and Consulting (4 years)
  -- Turner Broadcasting (1 year)
  -- American Broadcasting Companies (4 years)

I have served in a Volunteer Leadership Capacity for more than 40 years in Maine with various nonprofit organizations, including:
  -- United Ways in Maine (Midcoast, Androscoggin County and Greater Portland)
  -- The American Red Cross (where I received the Clara Barton Award)
  -- Maine State Music Theater
  -- Coaching youth soccer, baseball and basketball
  -- Maine Adoption and Placement Service
  -- I am a regular Red Cross blood donor and have led many Red Cross blood drives
  -- I led the largest bone marrow drive outside of a major U.S. city

I welcome the opportunity to add some passion to your organization or cause.

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